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Help me out

2010-02-28 01:10:23 by CardboardowI

I don't only make music for newgrounds, and to help make a little extra money I've released an album, and it's all music I haven't and proly won't upload to newgrounds.
If you like my music, you can help support me making MORE music by buying my music in a variety of places, including:
Emusic, rdowl-Incognito-MP3-Download/11709803.

Rhapsody, ncognito, wl
Amazon, ardowl/dp/B00307S07U <---THAT ONE IS MY ACTUAL PHYSICAL CD!!!

I'm also on a couple other stores, just google Cardboardowl and you'll proly find me.

Also, if you dont want to buy music (I know most people pirate), even though you SHOULD, you can still help me out by writing a good review, or just rating me five stars. Albums with a rating of 4 stars or higher sell 33% more, and albums with reviews sell 26% more.

Thanks in advance.

P.S if you can prove you bought my current album, I can maybe send you some of my other free music from my NEXT album, that isnt even released yet.

I hope you enjoy the music I have here either way. (Whenever I get approved, I've been waiting a little over 2 weeks now.)


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